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Charming wedding in Valladolid, near to Madrid

Charming and dreamy wedding in Valladolid at the Balneario Castilla Termal Olmedo, near Madrid.

Raquel contacted Pamela Events four months before celebrating her wedding at the Spa to help her with the decoration and organisation.


Raquel and Cristian started organising their Wedding on their own by hiring the Venue in a Finca, but as the date was getting closer they saw that there were many tasks to be done, and the Finca could not help them in certain tasks.


So they decided to seek outside help to finish organising, designing and coordinating their wedding, with the good fortune that we were able to help them with only 4 months to go until the celebration.


She had a very clear idea, she wanted a wedding with charm, like a fairytale, with a different decoration to what is normally celebrated at the Spa.


As well as helping her to design the decoration of the Banquet Hall, Pamela Events also helped her to organise the rest of the Wedding, with all the suppliers that were still to be contracted, and above all, on the day of the Wedding to coordinate all the logistics: Photographers; Musicians; Children’s entertainers; Cocktail Corner; Cake, DJ,….


To achieve a wedding with charm, elegance and decorated according to her tastes, the first thing was to go on a technical visit to the property and see the possibilities and facilities that they would give us in order to install the decoration on the ceiling.


The decoration of the hall was made with strips of lights and strips of natural leaves, we could not mount the rest of the decoration that we had because the only hook we had (as we could not make more holes because it would spoil the installation).

This installation was done the day before the wedding for 5 hours. Do not try to do it on your own, or on the same day, this is done by professionals.



wedding in valladolid

pepepepCeiling decoration and assembled columns by Pamela Events



wedding in Valladolid

Matching decorated high tables Pamela Events

Decoration of presidential chairs Pamela Events



















The work of setting up the decoration of the hall started the day before the wedding, we also managed with the Hotel in case it rained as there was a forecast of rain, in fact the day before we could not do the rehearsal outside due to a big storm.



wedding in valladolid

Personalised wooden markers Pamela Events




On the day of the wedding in Valladolid our work started at 8am as we had to place 100 personalised placeholders on each plate, extra decoration on the tables as well as the Glitter and tobacco tables, prepare the trays with the different gifts for the guests, and the floral decoration which arrived on the same day.




A lot of work ahead before the arrival of the guests at 11am, although the Ceremony and Banquet were held at the same Finca, it is advisable to hire an external coordination team, as the commercial staff of the Finca will not do this extra work. Their work (which is also a lot) is to take care of the Catering of the Cocktail and Banquet.






Bride and Mother´s Bride



wedding in valladolid

Groom excited to see Bride arrive at the altar .Pamela Events



Raquel walking down the aisle on her mother’s arm – Pamela Events



wedding in valladolid,pamela-events

R&C during the civil ceremony -Pamela Events



R&C elegant ceremony-Pamela Events



Weding in valladolid

Seating Plan R&C- Pamela Events



details in table-pamela-events

Details in the table- Pamela Events


The Open Bar ended at Eleven o’clock at night, and the Pamela Events team took care of collecting, cleaning and storing all the elements of the decoration that belonged to the couple, so that the next day when they woke up from the hangover of the big celebration they only had to worry about putting the boxes in their car.


Checking details with Raquel – Pamela Events


As you can see there is a lot of logistical work involved in a charming Wedding, and if you really want to enjoy your Day, and not leave it to your relatives to enjoy, hire a Wedding Planner team as soon as possible.


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