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Destination wedding in Toledo

On Friday, June 3, 2022, Eva & JJ celebrated their international wedding in the emblematic setting of Toledo.

It was clear to them that it would be held in Toledo, for its beauty, culture and gastronomy, to the delight of the guests, especially those coming from the United States.

When I first spoke by video call with Eva & JJ, what they were absolutely sure about the wedding, was to celebrate it in Toledo.


They wanted to delight all the guests with the beauty of its streets, churches, culture and above all gastronomy. A wedding in Toledo with a Castilian and Spanish flavor. JJ is from Pennsylvania (USA) and Eva is from Madrid, and since most of JJ’s family would be traveling a long way to attend the wedding in Spain, Toledo was the ideal choice.


First we looked for an available date in 2022, near the summer, and due to the pandemic the dates were practically booked in Fincas for Saturdays, so we got a date for Friday June 3rd, at Finca Cigarral del Angel, the choice was clear, not only for its exquisite menu, but also for the views of Toledo in the courtyard.


Wedding in toledo

Eva & JJ’s wedding at Cigarral del Angel-Toledo. Pamela Events


At the same time it was necessary to find a date in a church near the Cigarral, and the Parish of San Pedro Apóstol was chosen, in the nearby town of Olías del Rey, at 6 pm.


Transportation service was hired for the guests and for the bride. These 2 points are the most compromised and always need coordination, on the one hand the buses for the guests, had to be prepared at the stops that had been communicated to the guests, in addition to waiting a few minutes for the guests arriving at the stops.


At Pamela Events, whenever there are buses for guests, one of the Coordinators is in charge of going with the buses to coordinate that all the guests access the bus.


On the other hand the bride’s car, with which you have to have constant communication to coordinate the arrival that coincides the moment that all guests and the groom have accessed the church, then this will be the moment that the car will arrive with the bride, the photos/videos are taken while the musicians are notified to play the entrance song of the bride.

As you can see these moments are the most stressful, and need coordination and communication between several points, it is important that it is in the hands of professionals as Wedding Planner / Wedding Coordinator.


wedding Toledo-pamela-events

Ceremony in church in Toledo. Coordintion: Pamela Events


At the end of the Ceremony, the Pamela Events team invited the guests to leave the Church and handed out the rosemary and popurri cones, prepared at the door while the couple signed the Book and took pictures with close family members,


Once the newlyweds came out, greeted family and friends, they got into the car to go to Toledo along with the team of photographers to take pictures, while the guests boarded the buses to take them to the Cigarral del Angel.


Wedding in Toledo-pamela-events

Nupcial Car-Pamela Events


By the way, the Pamela Events team had to regulate the traffic to help the coaches to leave, since the street was narrow and two-way, so cars kept passing by without letting the coaches out. Can you imagine your family members having to do this dressed in their best clothes and with the risk of being run over? Moral of the story: Hire outside help from professional Wedding Coordinators.



Eva & JJ in Toledo- Pamela Events


While the couple was having their photos taken, the guests were arriving at the Cigarral del Angel where they were given drinks while waiting for the arrival of the bride and groom to start the cocktail party. At the same time, the Pamela Events team placed the fans that were left over from the Ceremony in the Remembrance corner, a corner with an instant camera and a photo album for the guests to take pictures, paste them and dedicate them.



E & JJ Cigarral del Ángel-Pamela Events



Once the bride and groom arrive at the Finca, the moment of the entrance is coordinated with the waiters and musicians so that the song chosen for the moment can be played, and they are presented with a glass of champagne to toast and start the cocktail, together with the maid of honor, their dog Maggie.


wedding -pamela-events

Eva, JJ & Maggie


During the cocktail, the Pamela Events team was looking after the photographers and the bride and groom at all times, as the group photos had to be taken before sunset to take advantage of the beautiful light and the views of Toledo in the background. Once the cocktail is over, the guests have to be moved to the Banquet area, not an easy task, by the way, once everyone is passed, Eva & JJ are left for 10 minutes alone, along with a drink and a cocktail plate for them to eat and drink something while they enjoy the hired musicians.


These moments alone, are the most important, let’s not forget that the Wedding is theirs, and with so many people they barely have time to enjoy them alone.


Wedding in toledo

Eva & JJ’s wedding at Cigarral del Angel-Toledo






wedding -pamela-events

Pamela Events with Eva & JJ


As you can see the day of the wedding, there are many tasks to coordinate, at different points and at the same time, you need to have at your side reliable and professional people to perform these tasks. If you ask your cousin or your sister, they will miss the chance to enjoy your big day.


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