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5 Tips when Sending Wedding Invitations

The most exciting part once you have the wedding location and date, is to make it official for your family and friends, although this is only the beginning of the all the work.

For many couples the moment to notify family and friends about the official wedding date makes the wedding more real and tangible, it is official, Save the Date! Here are 5 important things that you should keep in mind.

 To send Invitations, Yes or Not

Definitely YES, especially if the wedding is not going to be at your place of residence, if it is a Destination Wedding, or if it is on a holiday. You need to let your family and friends know in advance to organize trips, hotels and book vacation days


How far in advance do you have to send them?

As soon as you have the agreed date at the registry or venue would be ideal. At least 4 to 8 months in advance, especially if the wedding won’t be in your place of residence, such as a Destination Wedding,

if your guests are going to need to organize vacation and travel agendas, or, above all, if It will be on summertime or on holiday. If it is going to be a small local wedding with few guests, sending them between 4-6 weeks before the big day is enough.


Give all necessary details.

You do not need to send the wedding day planning, but give the most information about the place and time.

It must include: your first and last names, day, time, meeting place, and exact address of the place (City, zip code, all the necessary information so that nobody gets lost).
Include the type of clothing gests should wear if the wedding is formal.



The invitation should reflect the style that the wedding will have, if it is going to be Boho-chic, it should have a floral tone; if it’s going to be a beach wedding with marine touches or even in a bottle.

If it is going to be a Destination Wedding you can send it in the form of a suitcase, so you can let your guests know that they should prepare. You must give clues to your guests of what they will find on the celebration day.


You must indicate your guests the way to answer to the invitation, if it is going to be by phone, answering an email, or if you have a Save the Date website so your guests can answer there, and of course ask them to answer as soon as possible to organize the banquet dishes, it is important to be notified if someone needs a special menu; vegan, gluten free, or if a guest has any food allergy.