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Tips to choose a Wedding Cake
The wedding cake is a very special moment of the celebration; all eyes will be on it.
If you do not have a Wedding Planner that organizes your wedding and you plan to find a Pastry chef on your own, to design your Cake, here are some important questions you should have in mind when choosing a pastry chef.


  • How long have you been in this business?
  • Do you have experience with Wedding Cakes?
  • (This point is the most important; a pastry chef who is good at normal pastry is not the same if he has experience in Wedding Cake, since they require different work)
  • Do you have a portfolio of your previous work?
  • As in all places, seeing previous work gives us an idea of whether your work fits with what we are looking for.






  • – Do you have a license and insurance?
  • Very important before signing the contract, make sure they have insurance that covers any incident that may occur on the wedding day.

  • How long in advance will make our cake?
  • Usually, they are made in advance and left in refrigeration, it is important to know how long our cake will be in the fridge, so it doesn’t lose the flavors.
  • How many cakes will be delivered on the day of delivery?
  •  It is important to know that our cake will arrive on time and in perfect condition


– What ingredients and flavors do you work with?
Ask if there are vegan options, gluten free, if there will be fondant on the cake.
  • – If the pastry chef can make a cake for high amount of guests and how would the delivery be? Do you rent the cakes stands? And ask if they assemble the Cake after delivering it.
  • – Can you do a tasting before?
  • – How far in advance should we order the cake?
  • – How will the payment be made? Do not forget to ask for the invoice.

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